• community welfare
  • debts and donations
  • Disaster Relief
  • education
  • food
  • healthcare
  • homeless
  • household items
  • media
  • orphan and widow care
  • prison care
  • Social Work
  • volunteering

About Us





Time and again we find ourselves in search of opportunities but do not know where to go or who to turn to although it is clear there are many opportunities and a number of people or organisations who are offering breaks and chances. We feel there is a gap between these two ends. So we set out to make a bridge; a liaison between you and all organisations that bring solutions for your requirements - all in one place. These solutions are connected to problems or needs related to all aspects of life. Our Khair List caters to any information you may require about organisations, welfare trusts, societies, or NGOs offering opportunities to help or get help in areas of food, health, education whether Islamic or academic, household items, clothes, community cleaning,courses, etc.

Whether you want to donate or receive aid, click on. Do not forget to let others know about us.

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Khair list is a new program launched by Al- Wasila. It already includes Rehen Sehen, Safai Wala, Markaz-e-Shifa, Rozgar,and Ummati Disaster Relief. The purpose of this khair list is to bring together all works of goodness and welfare service in one spot for your convenience. This platform connects you to those who are in need of this information and also gives you the opportunity to become a household name with your brand or service. This is why we invite you to add your brand or service to this list of goodness so that you may also benefit others.